Sculptural Works


Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery

February 29 - April 15, 2016


The artists of CAW tackle the theme of place and history in a new exhibit titled “Landmark.” The exhibit was conceived as a way to commemorate Fort Hayes’ 33-year history of supporting national and local artists and arts organizations. 

The exhibit featured work from over 50 CAW member artists that represent a wide range of disciplines including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, ceramics, and performance.


Title:  Ginkgo #1, Ginkgo #2, Ginkgo #2


Jewelry:  Sterling Silver, Brass & Gold Leaf

Displays:  Fiberglass, Polyurethane Foam, Plaster, Gesso


Statement of Work:  When considering landmarks we often first think of the ways in which we mark and shape the land – through society, culture and structure. But the land is a strong influence. It marks and shapes us. We can change the surface of the land, but these changes are fleeting. Left untouched by human influence for even a short time the land will once again reshape and reclaim the structures we leave behind. Within this landscape it is the trees that serve as guardians. They hold the history of the land both figuratively in their longevity and literally in their structure fed by the land below and the centuries of history written within it. They were here before the birth of humanity and will almost certainly outlast us. The trees are the quiet observers of humanity. Therefore, it is the trees that I used to mark this land and its history. Leaves borrowed from the Ginkgo trees behind the shot tower have been recreated in metal to cloth the trio of figures. This ancient species has observed countless civilizations through war and peace, feast and famine, kindness and cruelty. Surely they are experts in humanity through generations of observation. These two Ginkgo trees stand like sentries and observe us now. What will they have to say about the fleeting marks we leave on this land?

A Little Bit Closer

The Vanderelli Room

November 13 - December 5, 2015


CAW  members return to a more intimate scale in this small works show held at the newly updated Vanderelli Room. A show full of petite works that pack a big punch.

Title:   Engulfed

Jewelry:  Sterling Silver, Brass, Copper, Gold Leaf

Base:  Polyurethane Foam, Joint Compound, Dry Wood Stain

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