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I've been playing a lot with textures and finishes lately. The inspiration for the series came from midcentury design - Formica patterns in the hole-in-the-wall diner, the swoop of the neon sign that lights up the night, the funky kitchen table that magically appeared out of the floor in the Jetsons. The aesthetic was fun and different and full of hope - a break from the past to leap forward into a future full of possibility. It was a little of that magic that I wanted to capture in this series. And just to add to the fun I've played with contrasting textures. The oval shape embracing the gemstone is finished in a high polish with a hammered texture added on one side while the overlaying flare has a contrasting satin finish.
Sterling Silver pendant is 1 1/4" in width, 2" in length and boasts a 6mm rutilated quartz cabochon, on a foxtail chain. Tourmalated quartz is quartz that contains a natural formation of needle like black tourmaline crystals within it.

Mid Century Modern Pendant with Tourmalated Quartz

  • As with all handmade pieces, no two creations are exactly the same. Your piece may vary slightly from the pictures shown.  The good news is that this also means you can customize if you'd like. If you would like me to customize your piece for you in any way, please let me know and I will happily get you specific pricing for your choice.

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